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Why Choose PKS

Get on the water and start kitesurfing now to enjoy Perth's summers like you never have before!

  • Great prices and best service: Our focus is on providing our customers with the best possible experience; whether it's making bookings easy, friendly and convinient, making sure that your lessons are the best experience they can possibly be, or going that extra mile for you.
  • Get awesome prices on packages. Because we have both a kitesurfing school and a brand new shop, we make sure that our customers get the best deal whether upgrading their equipment, buying second hand, or getting a lessons and gear package.
  • 2014 Gear: learn on Sligshot kites and boards, Mystic accessories, and Nobile kites and boards.
  • Become part of the Kiting Community and benefit from ongoing customer support : whatever level you are at, come kite where we teach and benefit from free tips and tricks and meet up with other Kitesurfing afficionados.
  • Highly experienced IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation) instructors.
  • Lessons for all levels: from complete beginner to the most complex freestyle tricks.
  • Clean up the beaches project : associate with some of the projects we're involved with, including the Two Hands Project.
  • Thanks to the Fremantle Doctor, WA and Perth in particular is world renowned for its wind statistics, its warm temperature, beautiful waters and kitesurfing locations: many northern hemisphere riders come to train in WA over our summer, proving that WA is one of the best places on the planet to kitesurf!