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School Philosophy - Teaching

We teach kitesurfing to share our passion for the sport with as many people as possible. Our aim is to get our customers kitesurfing autonomously as quickly as possible, whilst enjoying the whole learning process. After lessons, we have a staff member at the beach every other day to supervise our post-lesson customers who have their own gear.

Kitesurfing is a very easy sport but it can also be very dangerous if the kite is not flown correctly, or if the user has little/no experience with flying a full sized kite. We base our teaching method on encouraging our students to be aware of their environment so they can become a safe member of the kiting community.


The end of your lessons is just the start of the adventure. It’s a brave new world out there in the water by yourself and you might need a little help to get over the first couple of hurdles. At Perth Kitesurfing School we get you kitesurfing faster and more safely than anyone else. To help you make the most of your newest hobby, we make sure that you are looked after by having an instructor keep an eye on you and provide tips and tricks in our supervised riding sessions which are held at Woodman point on most afternoons. These sessions are complimentary for all our customers that take lessons with us and go on to purchase their gear from our shop Perth Kitesurfing (!We make sure this is possible by providing, free of charge, one of our staff members to kite alongside the beginners as they progress. This takes place at Woodmans Point, where our lessons are held. This enables everyone to benefit from free tips and tricks, and meet other like-minded people.

If you are struggling to go upwind, turn around, learn your first jump or just have general questions on the weather or your gear, don't hesitate to find us on the beach on any windy day!


Discover WA differently! As part of our will to create a lively kiting community in Perth, we would like to involve our clients with the Kiting trips we take up North and down South. Benefit from our expertise and discover new spots while improving your kiting skills.

Trips abroad during the off-season in Perth in locations such as Zanzibar, Indonesia, Mauritius, etc. Are also possibilities if we get a good group going during the season!


Finally, PKS realises that it benefits from the WA's unbelievable assets and would like to give back to the environment and the community.

We will be clearing the rubbish from Woodman Point's beaches for 30min on a monthly basis. We will link this rubbish collection with the two hands project which aims at collecting data on rubbish picked up on the beaches around the world.