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Kitesurfing lessons Prices

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1 on 1 kitesurfing lessons: $200/2h (inc GST)

Zero to Hero 6h package 1 on 1: $550 (inc GST)

The 1 on 1 lessons give the student maximum hands on time and the instructor's undivided attention. Because of the large amount of new information in the lessons, it is best if the lessons are split into 3 x 2 hour lessons. This gives you the best chance of retaining the skills that you have learned in each lesson.

2 on 1 kitesurfing lessons: $160 per person/2h (inc GST)

Zero to Hero 6hours package 2 on 1: $400 per person (inc GST)

The 2 on 1 lessons are given with one kite only.

This type of lesson allows the students to get a better price on lessons and share the experience with your mate, son, sister, girlfriend, boyfriend, even your mum!

Learn with a mix of practice and observation and get a chance to take a step back and let the information sink.

Refresher lessons $200/2h (inc GST).

If you haven't been kiting through the winter month and want a confidence boost as well as some great advice to get you up and going again then this is the lesson for you. Lessons are 1 on 1 and can be done on either your own gear (preferred for familiarity) or our gear.