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Lessons description :

Lesson 1 : 2 hours

Introduction to flying the kite and body dragging in the water:

  • Get introduced to kitesurfing and its environment
  • Learn to fly and handle trainer kites and experience the power of the kite!
  • Learn to set up your equipment and fly an inflatable 4-line kite safely
  • Get introduced to the multiple modern safety systems, make sure you know what to do if you find yourself in an emergency situation
  • Learn how to water-relaunch your kite
  • Learn self-rescue
  • Body drag upwind and downwind and reach complete autonomy !

Lesson 2 : 2 hours

Perfect your body dragging technique and get introduced to waterstart :

  • Get more confident with the power of the kite and improve your reflexes, accuracy, timing and confidence
  • Body drag with the board
  • Get introduced to waterstarting and try to get on to the board for the first time!


Lesson 3: 2 hours


All the skills you've been working on come together and you can now work on your board skills

  • Improve your waterstart
  • Perfect your board skills
  • Start to ride upwind

By this stage, you are an autonomous rider, who can rig, launch, re-launch, get away from the shore and come back to the sore safely !

Progression from one level to another depends on the ability of the student to master the previous tasks, with kite control being the most important.

At PKS the focus is put on getting our students to be fully autonomous, make good decisions to practice kitesurfing in a safe, environment-aware and enjoyable way.

Become part of the community

WA Kite Surfing Association (WAKSA) is the peak body for kite surfing in WA, and is affiliated to the Australian Kite Surfing Association (AKSA). WAKSAs key roles are to promote safe kiting and to defend your right to kite everywhere it can be considered appropriate to kite along our coast. WAKSA regularly represents members and the sport to the public and government agencies as necessary on a range of issues affecting kite surfing in WA. On top of the representative role, WAKSA organises a number of kite surfing competitions and events throughout the year. WAKSA members also have access to a $20million public liability insurance policy.